The Olympic Co-op Team is passionate about health and fitness and believes that dietary supplementation can help make a difference in an individual’s overall wellness.  Our Team members have worked in the supplements industry in various capacities for several decades, developing long-lasting relationships and earning outstanding reputations.  They realized that their ability to source product and deliver the best price would translate well into other industries and the idea for Olympic Co-op was born.


The points below are just some of the benefits that we bring to the table in this relationship with many more to come.


  • All stores are pre-screened for solid financial standing and on-time invoice payment before joining the group.
  • Our buying group Team is responsible for creating and developing relationships with group members. No significant involvement is required from your company with regards to maintenance and development of these group members.
  • We assist new member stores in filling out all necessary startup account forms for your company.
  • There is no-cost to the independent store owner to join our buying group. On the contrary, we provide a vehicle for the member stores to improve their bottom line.
  • Our boutique style customer service approach builds strong relationships with store owners and provides a sense of trust and loyalty.



We can help each other grow and at the same time help the independent business owners improve their bottom line with competitive prices and rebates.


We are available to open a discussion at your earliest convenience.

Call us toll-free at (888) 298-8137.